COVID-19 and other disasters this last few years has touched all of us one way or another.

This business has been effected too:

A loss of a major and long term customer of over 12 years, who immediately terminated all supportive and develoment work. Our association extends right back to 1993. They must be hurting to react so radically and I hope they survive.

It has always been the case, though often relaxed, that free assistance cannot be provided to customers or technicians on behalf of a customer.

Your understanding is appreciated. (Especially in these times)

Contract rates apply in all cases, charged in advance at the appropriate hourly rate in the following table.

Start off with the purchase of one hour of my time to get the ball rolling. More may be purchased after initial consult if need be. Thankyou.

Please now click through to the new site: ruslingprogramming.ga

Thank you and I wish you well.